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Almost at the end! Thanks for all the feedback. I'm thinking of continuing to do top 5 lists after this one is done. Anyone interested? Requests/suggestions would be wonderful.
Without further adu...
Welcome back readers! Thank you so much for all the feedback, you all help make this so much fun!
So once again we are exploring the top 5 shows that I found disappointing. They were great to begin with and either slowly fell into madness or made a dash into absurdity.
Let's dive right in
Here we are again folks! Thanks for reading this first installment of the list and for coming back for more. The responses were so much fun, keep them coming!
In case you are just tuning in, this is the top five list of shows that "lost their allure" or in other words, pissed me off. This is not the shows I hate. In fact, I love every one of these shows. They are the shows that won my heart and ultimately trampled on it.
Now...the list!

Let's face it: every long running TV show has it's ups and downs. Season 3 of the OC was nearly unbearable. Season 5 of Stargate SG1 actually had me, an avid Daniel fan, ready for Jonas's appearance.  Season 3 of Numb3rs was so dark it had be surprised it was the same show. It just happens. However, what sets great shows apart from the shows that don't stand the test of time is that they always improve. The 4th season of OC was the most brilliant,  Jonas was a perfect refresher that jump started the show and paved the way for Daniel to come back new and improved, and Numb3rs literally got help for Don.

Then there are the others. You know the ones I mean. The shows that start out brilliant, but lose you. Now I am a rabid fangirl. I tend to be furiously loyal to a TV show, because after all if I am going to invest my time in it week after week I actually have to like it; but there is only so much a girl can take.  I'm not talking about ones with horrible endings, no I'm talking about shows so terrible I never made it to the ending. Here they are. The top 5 shows that lost me.

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You know I used to like soap operas...

Wow, I made this comm so long ago and did diddly squat with it.

Well, now I am going to finally write on it.

I have been on a major writer's block lately. Thought about writing fanfiction (still will soon thank you spuffy_girl ) but it just didn't come out tonight.

But I wanted to write something...

As always be forewarned, we whiney fangirls are quite blunt with our opinions, but before you kill us, we also all believe that all people are entitled to their opinions! (Minor spoilers within)Collapse )

Okay next up. Heroes, though, yes, I will be watching come September.  I am quite curious on certain things.  Stay tuned for more.

Kickin off the Whining...

I imagine there are few ways better to kick off the whining than to talk about the worst episode ever created of Supernatural...possibly the worst episode of anything ever.

So here comes the spoilers for...Family Remains

Here there be rantin'Collapse )