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Kickin off the Whining...

I imagine there are few ways better to kick off the whining than to talk about the worst episode ever created of Supernatural...possibly the worst episode of anything ever.

So here comes the spoilers for...Family Remains

So first off, I loved the episode the Benders but the last thing I need to see is a cheap knock off of said episode. The ghost girl? Really?
Now to my list:

1)That episode was soo friggin depressing! There was no up side. Believe it or not I still watch TV as some of an escape...this episode I just wanted to escape from. The concepts were to dark. Abused inbread twins, suicidal teenage girl...-shudders-

2) How come the twins can spell if they were locked up in a basement? They wrote on the walls "Get Out" and "Too Late" but...they spent their entire lives in a basement. Surely Granddaddy/daddy didn't teach them. Additionally they have better grammar than most fanfiction writers (myself included at times). I mean they used the right form of "too" -nods-

3) This episode was riddled with surprise brothers. First SURPISE there is a twin psycho boy. Second, Surprise the family had a son that died in a car wreck. What was the point? No foreshadowing at all!

4) the ground only grows Zucini, psycho serial killing twins aside this is NOT a good investment!

5) Where the bloody heck was Sam? I imagine his lines were written on a sticky note, because he sure as heck didn't need a script. He barely spoke! Everywhere danger was...Sam wasn't. Dean sends him to the attic..nothing happens. Dean sends him out back...nothing happens. Whole lot of nothing Sam.

6) Why didn't Danny not have problems with a freaky psycho chick in his closet? He was like 12! That should have freaked him out. It's insane. I was thinking the surprise twist was gonna be that Danny was psychic...or retarded.

7) after everything they put us through this episode they end on a downer. A downer that came seemingly out of nowhere. Geez Dean...emo much? I understand he is suffering but...come on! He was so mean to Sam too. Fussing at him about how he can't understand. Does Dean really want him to understand? No! So why fuss?

The one good thng about this episode was the rich, full writing of the guest stars. They were amazing. That family was so easy to cheer  for, sadly easier than our fair brothers were this time around.


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Mar. 5th, 2009 07:18 am (UTC)
Emo much? That has to one of the most hilarious things I read tonight. Bravo ;-)

Inbred closet freaks. That's worse than Nine Wives. As morbid and annoying as those wackados were those poor kids had some education because they ran from that place.
Mar. 5th, 2009 07:21 am (UTC)
And I kinda loved Nine Wives. Weird but there hasn't been an episode I hated yet when it comes to Numb3rs. But yeah, this Supernatural episode looks weird. I calmed down on Heroes some even though I am still not totally happy. But I know what I can write later. Ghost Whisperer! ha ha. Though, I read that Friday might be decent time shall tell. Great first article.
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