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You know I used to like soap operas...

Wow, I made this comm so long ago and did diddly squat with it.

Well, now I am going to finally write on it.

I have been on a major writer's block lately. Thought about writing fanfiction (still will soon thank you spuffy_girl ) but it just didn't come out tonight.

But I wanted to write something...

I still love to write melodramatic things, and the stuff I write, both original and fanfiction are usually saturated with melodrama. Though I do try my best to throw in some humor and not just make it depressing.

Though, I sometimes like doing that too.

But then there is certain soap operas that like to be about only one idea and one person and be shoved down our throats.

Is all about violence and new relatives that just fall out of the woodwork. While other characters are character assassinated, either literally or figuritively.

I  would not be surprised, actually if you know me fairly well, you should be able to guess what soap I am talking about: General Hospital.

All My Children, the soap in which my screen name is a namesake, is not really much better lately.  I read earlier today about more gun violence and people getting caught into the crossfire unintentionally.  Also the fact there are rumors that actors and actresses that have been on since or near the beginning are getting shoved to the recurring. AHHHhh

And then there is Days of Our Lives. Oh how did I love that show back in the day. That show always had some cheese and corn and I kept that in mind.

In fact just last night I was up watching old Days of Our Lives Clips where Sami Brady was getting put to death for a crime she did not commit (she was saved).

But like Port Charles (Scott and Lucy), Days of Our Lives, decided to tease me with having my long suffering ship, Sami and Lucas finally get married only for them to get divorced a year, if that later.  Ahh! At least Lucy got with Kevin, that even though I am a Scott and Lucy shipper, they are good together.

Days of Our Lives on the other had... oy don't even get me started. That is a huge can of worms. That still causes huge fan wars.

And that's another thing. Whinning about soap operas causes interaction with fans so crazy that you start to feel better about how you can when you are having a fangirl attack.

And I know I an be scary. I mean wowsters...

Okay next up. Heroes, though, yes, I will be watching come September.  I am quite curious on certain things.  Stay tuned for more.


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